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7th Annual Film Festival REEL TIME at GALA

Films from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia 
November 28 - December 2, 2018
All films in Spanish with English subtitles.

Wednesday, November 28 at 7 pm –

(dir. Julia Solomonoff, Argentina/Colombia/Brazil/USA, 2017, 102 min.) Appropriate for audiences 18 and up
Thirty-year-old Nico leaves a promising acting career in Argentina after a romantic break-up with his male married producer. He lands in New York City, lured into believing that his talent will help him find success “on his own” and prove his self-worth. But that’s not what he discovers. Too blond to play Latino and his accent too strong to play anything else, Nico falls through the cracks, and must juggle odd jobs to survive. Unwilling to return home and be seen as a failure, Nico manages to stay afloat thanks to his ability to pretend to be something he isn’t. But he gets lost in his own lies. Theo, the baby he cares for, becomes his only genuine bond of affection. His fragile world is shaken when he receives a visit from his former producer/mentor and ex-lover.
Starring Guillermo Pfening, winner of the Best Actor Award at the Tribeca Film Festival for his role of Nico, and Elena Roger (who played the title role in the 2012 Broadway revival of Evita), 
Nobody’s Watching is an international co-production that uniquely occupies the creative border between American independent filmmaking and Latin American cinema.
Post-film discussion with director Julia Solomonoff. Reception courtesy of the Embassy of Argentina

Thursday, November 29 at 7 pm – COLOMBIA & ARGENTINA

(dir. Vladimir Durán, Colombia/Argentina, 2017, 79 min.) Not appropriate for young children
The acclaimed debut feature by Colombian filmmaker Vladimir Durán—a favorite at the Berlinale’s Forum and winner of the Best Director and Best Colombian Film awards at the Cartagena Film Festival—follows Axel and his older sisters Antonia, Alejandra, and Alicia. They live in an apartment that becomes their kingdom ruled by extravagant policies that they’ve imposed, including locking up their mother, Margarita, in a room. The children communicate with their mother through a small window, giving her blankets, DVDs and reading material, and celebrating her birthday in the corridor. When she’s eventually had enough, it’s Axel who must decide what to do.
Shot in Argentina, So Long, Enthusiasm establishes Durán as a talent to watch.
Post-film discussion with producer Joyce Ventura. Reception courtesy of the Embassy of Colombia.

 Saturday, December 1st at 7 pm - ARGENTINA
(dir. Anahí Berneri, Argentina, 2017, 82 min.) Appropriate for audiences 18 and up
Winner of the Best Director and Best Actress awards at the San Sebastian Film Festival, the fifth feature by Argentine filmmaker Anahí Berneri is a poignant and compelling drama that portrays three days in the life of a young Buenos Aires mother and sex worker struggling to survive.
Featuring a potent performance by Sofía Gala Castiglione in the title role (alongside her real-life son Dante), the film offers an unsentimental and non-moralizing take on a self-determined woman trying to live her unapologetic life while facing contradictory prostitution laws that are intended to protect her but often do the opposite.
Post-film discussion with curator Carlos Gutiérrez and guest speaker.

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