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Updated date: 12/04/2022

                                    COVID: HEALTH REQUIREMENTS TO TRAVEL TO ARGENTINA

From April 8, 2022, the sanitary requirements for foreigners non residents to travel to Argentina are the following:

1) Within 48 hours before the departure flight to Argentina, complete the Affidavit on the following website: https://ddjj.migraciones.gob.ar/app/home.php,

2) Traveler's Medical Insurance that includes coverage of hospitalization services, isolation and / or medical transfers, for those who result in positive COVID cases, suspects or close contacts.

The Airlines will check the health requirements for entry to Argentina at the Airport at the check-in for the flights


By US regulations, within 24 hours before the flight back to the US, it is required a COVID test that must be COVID negative in order to board the plane back. The US also requires proof of vaccination against COVID in order to enter the country. The vaccinations must be approved by the USA or by the World Health Organization (WHO).             

Telephone, fax & email of the Consular Section:

Tel. +1 (202) 238 6460/ 6433/ 6461

Fax +1 (202) 238-6471

consular@embassyofargentina.us // visas@embassyofargentina.us

Emergency Phone Assistance: +1 (202) 294-2029

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