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Mirages, photography by Mache del Campo at White Cloud Gallery

The Mirages exhibition is an invitation to realms of unknown space where the open mind discovers a departure from physical reality and is led by his mind’s eye to a subjective and intangible world.
In creating my work, I enjoy capturing a single image, without story, without context, that leaves the viewer with the task of interpretation. In doing this, the camera becomes the gateway to personal dimensions beyond the realism of the photographic image and carries the minds of viewers outside time and space.
The natural vocation of man to investigate, to know the truth, yield and rise to the contemplation yet is carried away by intuition, relegating the search for what it is. My goal is to create, express and question through images. In each image, is there only one? How divergent is the image for each viewer? Does Murakami´s 1Q84 exist?
Why did I choose to take these pictures? Why exhibit them? Certainly I don`t know.
Perhaps they are memories that I have not yet experienced....
Perhaps it is the memory of past lives or the uncertainty of the future....
Perhaps they are images witnessed in other dimensions and I may find again in this one....
Perhaps there is a longing disquiet somehow in the spirit of the viewers, not here by chance, but because I have recreated an encounter with an old acquaintance from another lifetime or dimension.
                                                                                                                        Mache del Campo
May 19 – June 30
Opening reception
Friday, May 19
From 6 to 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 2pm - 7pm​
Weekdays by appointment
White Cloud Gallery
1843 14th Street N.W., 2nd floor
Washington, DC 20009​
Tel: +1 (202)288-1391


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