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Argentine Artists in the “Human Landscapes” Exhibit

Post date: 18/09/2017

The Organization of American States (OAS) AMA | Art Museum of the Americas, in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the OAS and the Embassy of Argentina in the United States, present "Human Landscapes", an exhibition of photography and video curated by Andrés Duprat, Director of the Museo Nacional de BellasArtes, Buenos Aires.The exhibition’s featured artists are Luis Abadi (b. 1975), Florencia Blanco (b. 1971), Eugenia Calvo (b. 1976), Alejandro Chaskielberg (b. 1977), SebastiánDíaz Morales (b. 1975), Laura Glusman (b. 1971), NicolásJanowski (b. 1980), Gonzalo Maggi (b. 1984), Paola Sferco (b. 1974), and RosanaShoijett (b. 1969).

For Duprat, the exhibition presents a multifaceted approach to diverse and idiosyncratic aspects of Argentina’s geography, though the eyes of contemporary photographers. The work is hardly homogenous, but an attempt to highlight complex issues through a wide range of aesthetics.Some threads that do coalesce this broad tapestry of works are the human footprints left on the land from urban centers Buenos Aires and Salta as well as islands along the Paraná River, population interactions between indigenous and other Argentina people and tourists, as well as the artists’ personal lives. The work is uniquely Argentine and unsurprisingly universal in its themes and portrayals of our world and landscapes, our concerns and obsessions, our interests and searches. 

"Human Landscapes" is part of AMA’s exhibitions program showcasing contemporary artists of OAS member countries.

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September 28, 2016 - November 26, 2017
Opening reception:
Thursday, September 28, 6-8pm
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