Embassy in United States

3. Agricultural Office

Updated date: 17/12/2019



The Agricultural Office in the United States actively works to promote, expand and diversify exports of Argentine agricultural products to the U.S. market and to strengthen the agricultural relationship between the two countries.

Among other functions, the Agricultural office:

  • Provides information on business opportunities and import requirements for Argentine agricultural products in the U.S. market
  • Assists the public and private sector participation in agricultural trade fairs and missions
  • Negotiates the removal of market access barriers for Argentine agricultural products (e.g. sanitary/phytosanitary, technical, non-tariff)
  • Analyzes policies, standards and U.S. regulations and their impact on the Argentine agricultural sector
  • Monitors the agricultural commitments of the United States in multilateral trade negotiations (e.g. tariff rate quotas for products of Argentina)
  • Participates in international agricultural forums that hold sessions in the U.S. (e.g. International Cotton Advisory Committee)

For questions and information on import requirements for agricultural products, industry reports, participation in fairs and conferences, see contact information or visit the website of the Agricultural Office.


  • Minister José MOLINA

  • Ing. Cecilia MARINCIONI

  • Lic. Mariano BOSSANA

Teléfono (202) 238-6443
Fax (202) 332-1324



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