Embassy in United States

Firearms Temporary Import Permit

Updated date: 10/04/2024

Visitors who wish to introduce hunting or target shooting firearms, need to apply for a Temporary Import Permit before traveling to Argentina by:

A. filling out the form attached, leaving no blank or incomplete fields (where no information is available, fields should be marked "N/A"), (To open the form you need the lastest version PDF Acrobat Reader). Please download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
B. signing it before the Notary Public (whose signature must be authenticated by the County Clerk), and
C. sending it to our offices (1600 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20009) together with a:

  1. passport sized photograph,
  2. copy of a return airline ticket,
  3. photocopy of the importer's drivers licence as proof or adress,
  4. photocopy of the first page of the importer's passport,
  5. US$ 80 Money Order payable to the Embassy of Argentina,
  6. copy of valid gun permit issued by the authorities in the state of the importer's residence containing the description of the firearm, and
  7. prepaid postage envelope for the application to be return after being legalized.

Please note that the Consular Section of the Argentine Embassy in Washington DC can only issue permits to residents of the following states: Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

It is the applicant’s sole and exclusive responsibility to fill out this form accurately and clearly, verifying that all the information provided is true. Incomplete or improperly notarized forms will be returned without legalization.

Please bear in mind that you will need your valid US firearms/hunting permit (original) to fetch your firearm from the relevant authorities at the airport.

For a complete list of requirements for introduction of hunting/sportive firearms into Argentina please visit the Argenitne authority's website (ANMAC). Should you have any further questions, please send an email to consular@embassyofargentina.us.


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