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Moreno Ocampo presented his new book and participated in the special screening of "Argentina 1985"

Post date: 09/03/2023

Dr. Moreno Ocampo visited Washington DC where he developed two important activities.On Wednesday, March 1st, he presented his new book "War and Justice in the Twenty-Fifth Century. A case study on the International Criminal Court”. The event was held at the Georgetown Americas Institute at Georgetown University and was co-organized with the Argentine Embassy in Washington DC.

During this event, moderated by Georgetown Law School Professor Julie O'Sullivan, Moreno Ocampo presented an interdisciplinary analysis of his book regarding the functioning of a fragmented international legal system and the relationships between legal and political decisions. He shares his experience as the first Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), providing his unique perspective and reflecting on the role of the Court in preventing future crimes.

The event was opened by Ambassador Jorge Argüello, who highlighted Luis Moreno Ocampo’s outstanding career in Argentina, in the international tribunals in which he has carried out his work, and his contribution to the generation of ideas and the pursuit of solutions to problems on the global agenda, as in the case of combating illegal cross-border activities.

What is more, on February 27, the Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington DC hosted an event co-hosted by the Argentine Embassy and the Inter-American Dialogue, with a private screening of the film "Argentina, 1985"  followed by a conversation with Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, who together with Dr. Julio Strassera, was the prosecutor during the historic trial of the military juntas portrayed in the movie.

This historical drama from Santiago Mitre, starring Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani, is inspired by the true story of the prosecutors who brought the brutal Argentine military junta to justice during a historic televised trial, and is yet another example of our country’s productive film industry, one of the leading ones in the Spanish-speaking world.

The opening remarks at this event were given by the President of the Inter-American Dialogue, Rebecca Bill Chávez, and by the current US Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Frank Mora. After the film, a period for Q&A and comments took place, moderated by the President and CEO of the Inter-American Dialogue, Rebecca Bill Chavez, in which attendees were able to freely interact with Dr. Moreno Ocampo, and ask him questions or request his opinion on diverse issues, linked both to the events narrated in "Argentina,1985" and to his professional career after the trial, which includes his tenure as the first prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

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