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Technical / Professional/ Artist Visa

Updated date: 17/01/2020

Required Documents and Procedures

A)  Documents to be submitted to the Consular Office

Please, submit documents at least 30 days prior to the planned departure date
Documents can be submitted in person (Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 1 PM) or sent by post to Embassy of Argentina, Consular Section, 1811 Q street NW, Washington DC, 20009).

1. One filled-out application forms: all questions must be answered (
application form).
2. Copy of valid passport for a period of at least 6 months from the date of departure. Original must be submitted on the day of the interview.
3. 1 recent passport type photograph
4. Proof of your immigration status in the U.S.: (for non-US nationals) i.e. Alien Registration Card, Advance Parole Document, Employment Authorization Card, valid visa, valid forms IAP66, I-94/ I-20 (signed on the reverse by designated school official). Please provide a copy of the relevant document.
5. Proof of funds: Please provide evidence of the commercial activity of company sponsoring the applicant (verification letter from the Company’s bank showing account number and dates of operation or a letter from a Chamber of Commerce certifying the company membership, for instance).

6. Hotel reservation in Argentina with the name of the visa applicant on it (details must match flight ticket).
7. Itinerary: copy of the round trip flight reservation with the name of the visa applicant on it.
8. Proof of current activity: Letter from your employer in the U.S. confirming the purpose and duration of your trip, full names, addresses and telephone numbers of all businesses and persons you will contact in Argentina, and whether your employer undertakes moral and financial responsibility while you are in Argentina. If you own the business, please add a copy of your business’ official registration and last tax return including the check providing the corresponding payment.
The letter must be original, on company letter-head paper, signed by the person in charge, (other than the applicant), and with the signature legalized by a notary public.
9. Letter of invitation from the host organization or company in Argentina inviting the applicant and stating the purpose of and length of trip, full name, addresses and telephone numbers of all businesses and people you will contact in Argentina. The letter must be written in Spanish, on organization/company letter-head paper, duly signed by the person in charge and certified by an Argentine Notary Public (“Escribano”). The signature of the latter needs to be legalized by the "Colegio de Escribanos".

Important: The company (and the signature of the person taking the responsibility of the invitation) must be registered at "Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes de Extranjeros" (RENURE) of the "Dirección Nacional de Migraciones" (Immigration Authority). The RENURE registration number of the company should be stated in the letter. 

Information on how to register in RENURE can be obtained by calling the following telephone numbers: (+5411) 4317 - 0200 / 0303 / 0263, Spanish only).

B) Interview: The interview is scheduled as soon as these documents are received.
In accordance with the relevant law of the Argentine Republic and the international practice, the Consul is entitled to deny the visa.
C) Fee: A US$ 200 fee is charged upfront.  The fee shall be paid by money order.  No cash or checks are accepted.


  • Regardless of whether a visa is granted or refused, the fee is not returned as it is allotted towards the cost of the service rendered.
  • You are advised to submit all documents at least forty five (30) days prior to the proposed date of departure in order to avoid inconveniences


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