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Updated date: 27/09/2023

On May 4 the Embassy of Argentina had the opportunity to celebrate the inagural of the exhibition by Isabel Picasso

The figures that Isabel Picasso represents are usually in a meditative state. We observe countenances that express placidity and pacification; the scenes and environments that surround them also reflect beatitude. It could be said that her works focus on interpreting symbols and characterizations related to bliss; figures and representations in a natural condition of elevation and serenity.

Regardless of any specific analysis of one or another of her works, there is a common aspect and perspective in the production she presents and has become the central axis of her artistic research. This is her interest and curiosity for the spiritual dimension.

Patricia Rizzo

Isabel Picasso

She studied Fine Arts at the Santa Ana Institute and attended the workshops of Kenneth Kemble, Miguel Davila and Luis Centurión among others. For more than twenty-five years she has been painting back-lights, paintings on canvas in boxes with LED lights. Her work is based on painting dreamlike images, faces, objects with their inner light. She has exhibited in galleries, cultural centers, museums, embassies and consulates and her work is part of different collections. "We all Contain Multitudes" was exhibited at Museo Caraffa in Córdoba, Argentina.

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