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The Embassy of Argentina presents “Expiation”, an Ana Rendich resin and oil wall sculptures exhibition. Her pieces are drawn from a lifetime of observations and experiences of Humanity and Nature.

"These sculptures emerge from a thought, an infinite path with no endpoint, where resolution is impossible. Hope in the light of loss and displacement is my primary subject.

When I work, I find the colors as I go along. Upon seeing my art, many find that the colors draw their attention before anything else. The story behind these works is borne by the interplay between these colors. It is not color itself that matters most to me. Rather, the color is secondary to the emotion that it generates.

Some works intentionally rendered with vagueness in order to illustrate the transient and mercurial nature of reality.

Absence, in many ways, can be more salient than presence. In certain mixed media works in this exhibition, the observer can see the ghostly effect generated by empty spaces.

These works, in a sense, are a means of atonement. Such is the life of the immigrant, in which the absence of loved ones is a constant reality. This exhibition, then, is about presence, about loved ones that I never left behind."

Sep. 12th - Nov 1st, 2019
On view: Monday - Friday from 3 to 5 PM

Embassy of Argentina - Oval Room