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Post date: 16/10/2020

Gastrodiplomacy: Commercial promotion in times of pandemic

The Embassy of Argentina in the United States together with Young Professionals of the Americas of the Council of the Americas (YPA-ASCOA) participated last Wednesday October 14th in the digital promotion event “Gastrodiplomacy”.

Acknowledging the importance of the development of digital plans of commercial promotion of Argentine ingredients in the largest world food market as the USA, the event featured Argentine Chef Martin Molteni (Proyecto PURATIERRA) and one of the co-founders of the innovative vermouth “La Fuerza”. From its production kitchen in Buenos Aires, Chef Molteni cooked four “Cocina de Barrio” typical dishes with Argentine ingredients, paired with La Fuerza vermouth. The Argentine beef and the Vermouth, the stars of the evening, are distributed locally by SurDc and GrandCata.

As well put by YPA "the food and wine experts started off the cooking class by talking about how versatile Argentina is in its territory, which translates into many climates and possibilities for food, but an authentic porteño experience means food, ambience, and hospitality. They started cooking with the minuta meal, meaning made in minutes, which was the scrambled gramajo (a mix of eggs, a potato, peas, and butter). Next, they showed how to make a chimichurri sauce for the steak, and on the side, roasted butternut squash with salted butter. As they cooked, the experts dove into the history of their ingredients, including the vermouth, wine, and steak. After all, hospitality is synonymous to diplomacy, said Molteni".

The Embassy will continue supporting the digital promotion of our exporting Argentinean companies in the search of new commercial opportunities that benefit our companies and their internationalization strategy.

Watch the whole video to follow and enjoy the recipe!

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