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Graduation Ceremony of the Georgetown University Master's Program in Latin American Affairs at the Argentine Embassy

Post date: 12/06/2023

On Friday, May 19, the Argentine Embassy in Washington DC hosted the graduation ceremony for the students of the Master of Arts in Latin American Affairs program of the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

It is a tradition for this Master's program to hold its graduations in different Latin American representations in Washington DC, and this year it was Argentina's turn.  The graduates were 21 young adults, including 6 international students -5 Latin American and one African-, who during the two years of training, acquired knowledge, forged lasting networks and gained invaluable experiences.

The ceremony was attended by Argentine Ambassador Jorge Arguello and the Acting Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, Angelo Rivero Santos. Other Georgetown scholars and the family and friends of the honorees were also present.

During his remarks, Ambassador Arguello recognized the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) as an invaluable department committed to interdisciplinary research on Latin America and to training the next generation of leaders, scholars and researchers in the hemisphere. He also emphasized that Georgetown University enjoys a remarkable reputation for educational excellence. Being part of such a prestigious institution allows for robust discussions and the development of innovative ideas.

In addition, he remarked that pursuing a master's degree is a challenge that requires a significant investment of time and energy. But that this effort pays off by providing new and exciting professional opportunities. He also highlighted the role of the graduates' families, who have supported them along the way. 

He then proceeded to the presentation of stoles to the candidates of the master's degree and with the intervention of the Acting Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, Angelo Rivero Santos who remarked: "Latin America and the Caribbean is not only an object of study, it is a rich and diverse region of 34 independent nations, European and American territories that is home to some 671 million proud and resilient people, with a rich history and whose cultural hybridity makes it a unique place" In this sense, he asked the students to stay in touch with their realities, to be curious not only about their challenges, but also about the resilience of its people and their great creative potential.

Finally, the Ambassador ended his speech by remarking that "In today's constantly evolving landscape, with the changing nature of work, rapid technological changes and the pressing challenges facing democracies around the world, we are compelled to reflect and take action to create a more equitable and sustainable regional development. I congratulate each and every one of you on this outstanding achievement, and encourage you to continue your path of critical thinking and transformative work, striving to forge an increasingly developed, equitable and inclusive Latin America."

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