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Post date: 14/11/2019

In this comprehensive suite of works by Jorge Caligiuri for this exhibition titled “In Between and Beyond”, the artist explores dramatic and engaging compositions, detaching the image from the two-dimensional aspect of the wooden panel to create three-dimensional assemblages that draw the viewer into his world.

Jorge Caliguiri’s works bring expressive fearlessness, revealing himself without question, taking mediums to the edge so that his work is a true representation of intrinsic and universal qualities yet transformed into a novel view of our world where the subject, the line, the color and the ideas evolve kaleidoscopically into vistas of future existence.

Curator: Alfredo Ratinoff

On view: Monday - Friday from 3 to 5 PM​


“From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary-Panoramic Photography” will be in exhibition in the Malvinas Argentina Room until December 6, 2019. An exhibition by José Andrés Basbus in which “the viewers try to figure out what they're looking at, the place, and the angle the shot was taken”. That is what directs Basbus every time he snaps the shutter button on his camera. He achieves this, in part, through the composition of his panoramic landscape postcards with an infrared effect.

On view Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 PM

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