Embassy in United States

Trade shows and Exhibitions

Updated date: 04/08/2017

Participating in trade fairs and exhibitions is an effective way to promote your products in the United States


Under the plan to promote trade and investment established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fundación ExportAr, and other governmental agencies, many Argentine companies are involved in trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the U.S.

In 2014, participant Argentine companies exhibited their products in approximately 10,800 square meters in 41 trade fairs in 22 U.S. cities. They showcased their products and services in the following areas: creative industries; food and beverages; energy; technology and software; machinery and auto parts; medical tourism and education; and packaging.

In 2015, 306 Argentine companies participated with stands in 27 trade fairs. They came from the following areas: food and beverages; creative industries; machinery and auto parts; services; technology and software; energy, and home goods.

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