Embassy in United States

Year 2022

Updated date: 11/01/2023

Below are the contracts in progress that are carried out in this Representation:

Closed contracts:
EXPE 78/2022 File 172/2022.  This contract includes all the work required for the provision and installation of provisional closures in the façade woodwork on the fourth floor of the Residence and office building of the Embassy of the Republic in the United States of America, located at 1815 Q Street, Washington D.C. 20009 The works include the provision of all the materials and specialized labor to carry out the work requested, as well as all the tasks and procedures required to fulfill the objective of this agreement. Tender Documents and Quotation forms (TO BE COMPLETED).- Tender Documents and Quotation Forms (TO BE COMPLETED).-

EXPE 204/2022 TRS 169/2022- Request of a formal quote for the file EEEUU 204/2022, to do the following work services to the Toyota SIENNA LE 2013 VIN 5TDKK3DC7DS399128.1) OIL CHANGE AND MULTI POINT INSPECTION PERFORMED 2) Windshield Wiper Entire Blade Replacement: FRONT WIPER BLADES NOT CLEANING WELL3) Tires - 2: 235/60R17 FIRESTONE OR YOKOHAMA Alignment 4) Boots - Ball Joint Front Lower: BALL JOINTS ARE LOSING GREASE, PRICE ON BALL JOINTS AND AXLE NUTS 5) Sway Bar Links - Front: LOSING GREASE. PRICE ON SWAY BAR LINKS AND NUTS 6) Brake Flush 7) PCV Valve Replacement  8) Bulb - License Plate Light: RIGHT SIDE IS OUT REPLACE BOTH. The formal quotes or Estimate must be received by Thursday 8 of December, 2022 by 10:30am The offer may also be sent by courier service to the Administration Office, 1600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009, with a tracking system to verify that it was received prior to the deadline delivery time and date.The offer can also be sent by email to: administracion@embassyofargentina.us, within the date and time limit established, and will remain in the care of the Administration Office until the time to open the tenders.-

EXPE EEEUU 203/2022 (TRS 168)- Argentina Delivers is looking for a digital marketing company to design its SEO strategy and build a strategic partnership for its positioning in the U.S. B2B marketplace. Argentina Delivers a public-private initiative that aims to promote Argentina's technological service offering in the U.S. market and needs to enhance its competitive digital footprint by creating original and strategic digital content that tailors Argentina's offering and the U.S. buyer's journey.- Tender Documents and Quotation forms (TO BE COMPLETED).- Tender Documents and Quotation Forms (TO BE COMPLETED).-

EXPE EEEUU 184/2022 (TRS 153)- To be completed by the following works to be carried out: 1) CLEANING OF GUTTERS, DOWNSTREAMS and REPAIR OF JOINTS and FISSURES; and 2) REPAIR OF SKYLIGHTS and MOLDINGS IN THE OVAL ROOM at this Argentine Embassy located at 1600 New Hampshire Ave., NW Washington DC 20009.- Tender Documents and Quotation forms (TO BE COMPLETED).- Tender Documents and Quotation Forms (TO BE COMPLETED).-

EXPE EEEUU 130/2022 - Public Auction 1/2022 - Terms and Conditions Sale of Volvo S80 and HONDA Odyssey EX-L vehicles owned by the Argentine Embassy.
                                     - Quotation Form (TO BE COMPLETED)
CLARIFICATION: The offers received for the Public Auction #1/2022 will be opened at 12:00 noon on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at the building of the Argentine Embassy (1600 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20009).

EXPE EEEUU 138/2022 (TRS 138) To hire a company for the maintenance and support of Argentina Delivers Website.

EXPE EEEUU 142/2022 (PCI 065)  To hire a limousine service company for the Presidential Visit to Washington DC USA.

EXPE EEEUU 134/2022 (TRS 112)  Repair and eventual replacement of 2 toliets located in the Embassy Argentina Building and in the waiting area room of the Consular Section.

CONTRACT 076/2022 (File EEEUU 76/2022) Cleaning services in the Chancery Building and the Sarmiento Building belonging to the Embassy

CONTRACT 075/2022 (File EEEUU 75/2022) Cleaning of the Official Residence - 1815 Q St., NW Washington DC 20009

CONTRACT 074/2022 (File EEEUU 74/2022) Cleaning of the Temporary Residence -

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